1 January 2018

Happy New Year! ! !

Yes, I love this city! I have moved to Paris around 6 months ago! So many changes! 

France - so many wonderfull places, castels and good restaurants. This is definitely 

great time in my life! The New Year is time for new goals. I promise to myself to continue 

with posting as I have hopes to make this blog more popular ;) This blog exists since 

around 2 years and I can see in statistics that the majority of readers come from Ukraine!!! 

Great surprise! Then I have Poland and Russia!!! :) Nice to see that anyone is coming here

especially that last year I have posted only 1 post from winter :D I am going to post photos 

from photoshooting at least once per week! I have nice scenery for that here in Paris ;) 
Everything seems to be perfect! I love Paris since long time, I love travelling so moving 
here is like never ending journey. Different people, different approach to fashion. 
All that gives so much inspiration to create new things.
I decided to do first photoshooting with NAF NAF coat. It was so cold that day... Second day it was raining a bit, and of course - many tourists everywhere ;p
I wish all of you the best year in your life! 
P.S. There was no fireworks this year near Eiffel Tower! I was really dissappointed, especially while waiting 1hour in the cold. Security reasons... It's not the same Paris like at the time of my studies in France, but still charming. 
Look at life through pink glasses - one of my favourite expression - but I don't know if you know that ;p

COAT NAF NAF; Paris, France

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