15 January 2018


There were many amazing moments during those 6 months spent in France.
It's hard to describe and summarize it. Year 2017 gave me a lot!!!! While making a review of memories I distinguish:
my birthdays in Versailles with the fireworks, journeys to the noth of France - to the seaside, stay in Normandy, walks in Rouen and Lyons-la-Foret and my work in La Defense - Paris. It is needed to add to it all those restaurants I have visited, as they also deserve to underline. I am deffinetly eating more often in restaurants here in France than in Poland ;) We need to add that we have here - in Paris much more choice! 
I moved here to fullfil my dreams. I learned a lot and I see that there is still muh to learn about this word. See my pictures - journey of last 6 months.

Etretat - famous french seaside city in the north of France.
It's here where Monet was painting.
It's one of the most famous place in France regarding some of the trip advisors.

One of many castels in Normandie - it has lovely garden.
There are surprisingly many small and big castels in France. I nticed that even some of the big houses are called by their owners just like that.See in each corner lovely castles... this is what I was waiting for :D

My the best birthday ever - that day there were fireworks in Versailles!
It was amazing expirence and so charming to be that day in this place.

Lovely houses in Normandie. They have special architecture. 

In Versailles during the day of my birthday!


We were travelling a lot :)

...and visited many great restaurants <3

Me in Rouen

Normandie <3

...and La Defense Paris - the place of my new work! 

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